Insertion Sort Algorithm

May 11, 2019

Its a kind of incremental insertion technique, where the algorithm build up sorting by first sorting n-1 items.

Or, we can say that we pick an element on n-1 items, and insert in a position where all items on the left side are less than or equal to this number.

Insertion Sort Algorithm

The algorithm works in two loops, where outer most loop iterate over complete array. To be more precise, We iterate from index-1 to end of array. Leaving index-0 to be used by inner loop.

In inner loop, the loop variable takes the index from outer loop index variable. It takes a backup of the value present on that index, and go backward toward 0-index. It shift previous elements to next position unless they are greater than the value for which we have taken backup.

In short, inner loop tries to sort the n-1 part of array by shifting any bigger element to right. And, insert the element to the final position.

See the code here:

public void sort(int[] arr) {
    int len = arr.length;
    for (int i=1; i<len; i++) {
        int key = arr[i];
        int j = i-1;
        while (j >= 0 && key < arr[j]) {
            arr[j+1] = arr[j];

        arr[j+1] = key;

Graphical Example

Insert Sort Example

Key Points

  • It does not use extra memory. And, is in-place algorithm.
  • Its stable, as it does not change order of same value elements.
  • It is more efficient in practice than Bubble Sort and Selection Sort
  • It is well suited for small data sets.

Runtime complexity

The algorithm runs on O(n^2) in worst case.

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