I have few documents in the Elastic Search instance. And, due to some change in the code. I had to update the value of few keys in some of the documents.


Elastic Search has an update method, and we can use it like below:

POST index_name/type_name/<id of document>/_update
  "script": "ctx._source.<field> = 'the required value'"


In my case, the input is like:

        "_index": "jira_create",
        "_type": "jira_created",
        "_id": "AV8KVD65tSgrIxXHHggk",
        "_score": 1,
        "_source": {
          "data": {
            "jiraId": "ABC-1234",
            "uniqueEntityId": "something was here",
            "attrs": {
              "versionId": "fg1pGsEQXLuTdQM1JeIR1CuAvp3K3jQu",
              "syncIssue": false
          "createdAt": "2017-10-11T07:26:53.901Z"

Exact code

POST jira_create/jira_created/AV8KVD65tSgrIxXHHggk/_update
  "script": " = 'my new value'"

Thanks for reading.