These days, images look incomplete without proper captions, and blocks of text in articles look dry and in dire need of apt images to engage the readers. When we add images to articles though, more often than not we want to do so with text overlays. Mostly, this text is the title of the article itself or may be a watermark to indicate that the image is copyrighted.

Traditionally, this task of adding text to images required special image editing software like Photoshop, Gimp etc. However, now we have much simpler, handier options available from which we can choose. Here is a list of five ways to add text to images.

1. PiZap

PiZap is an online image editor which you can use to upload your picture and make some fancy edits apart from basic cropping, like applying textures and filters. Using the text tool, you can not only add text but change font, size, color etc. Click on OK once you are satisfied, and Save your picture. The following image was created using The background was provided by them, I just added the Text and did some color adjustments.

5 Ways to Add Text to Images

2. BeFunky

BeFunky is another online image editor and collage designer. Instead of just a font, you can select from pre-styled caption options which they call text presets, and then make modifications. There are undo and redo buttons to make your life easier. And the text tool has a lot more features. You could use a color picker for your text, it’s outline or background. Any of these can be transparent too. Here is an image with text overlay done at BeFunky-dot-com

5 Ways to Add Text to Images

3. Over

Over is a cool Mobile App that you can use to place texts or even better, ready-made overlays on your pictures. You can change size or color of the text, and the number of font options is awesome. You could use overlays provided by them, which they called Artworks, or you could use overlays from your photo library. Here

5 Ways to Add Text to Images

4. PicsArt

PicsArt makes it even better than as you can stylise your overlays instead of just using them in flat color. Following image was created in two stages. I first opened the overlay and stylised it using “Magic” —> “Stay Gold”, then saved it. Second, I opened the image and placed the overlay on top it.

5 Ways to Add Text to Images

5. Keynote / Powerpoint

Each of the above-listed ways has one common restriction. You have to choose from the fonts provided by them. However, with awesome premium fonts available (some of the fantastic ones are provided as weekly freebies at websites like you would definitely want to overcome this limitation. In that case, use Keynote or Powerpoint. Any of these applications will not only allow you to use an awesome variety of fonts, but you can also use the swirls and swashes using say, FontBook on MacOS. I created the following e-card for my website UV Greetings using Keynote.

5 Ways to Add Text to Images

  • is one of my favorites places to go for fonts and ready-to-use design assets. Their font and design freebies, $1 deals, discounted bundles and various other offers really help a designer’s budget. Check them out, they are super-awesome.
  • Important: The design assets, fonts and the applications listed above are generally free for personal use. For any commercial purposes, always check the license carefully.
  • Disclaimer: The Author has appropriate licenses for all the images and other assets used in this article.