Mac showing strange incorrect month name

September 11, 2018

Introduction to problem

So, on my mac, I’ev set timezone to my local city i.e. Delhi (India). Still, the name of months showing was strange like: “Saka”. I spent lot of time looking every single option to change it. But, could not do it.

Solution to setting correct month names

Goto System Preferences. All I had to do was look at “Language and Region”.

And, change Calendar to Gregorian


Region: India
First Day of week: Monday (Doesnt play any role to problem)
Calendar: Gregorian

My settings was to “Indian National” thinking that it will show my local ones. But, it is the national calendar of India which normally people dont aware of.

I’m feeling relieved. I really spent a lot in this.


Goto “Date and Time”, then “Clock” Enable: “Show date and time in menubar” Enable: Show AM/PM Enable: Show the day of the week Enable: Show Date

Your mac right top will show date somelike below:

Correcting Mac Timezone

Thanks for reading…

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