Troubleshoot AWS Lambda unknown error!

August 22, 2017

After 2 days, there was my demo. I deployed my nodejs code on lambda function, and trying testing it. It abruptly stops in between, and no error or exception trace.

My application looked suspicious. I looked at my code, all looked good. I put a new try-catch statement, and some promised catch blocks. Deployed it again. Same behavior.

I started blaming newly developed components. Few days back, I incorporated newrelic components. I tried lot of modifications, debug statements, and even removed this component. But, still problem persists.

I tried running same application from my machine, it worked well. I wonder what is going on. I even thought of spinning an AWS EC2 instance, and try it there.


Each time, my application runs, and it stopped at one line only, with no trace, or error message. Troubleshoot AWS Lambda unknown error!

I was scanning through the configurations of lambda function. Suddenly, I found that the execution time value of lambda function was set to 1 min only.

Holy Crap!

I increased that time, and deployed my application again, it worked. My bad.

Tip for Lambda debugging

Always check lambda timeout value.


AWS people should show something in logs indicating that the app is shutting down due to timeout. It irked me a lot.

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