Drupal 8 - How to hide help link About text formats and text format guidelines

April 25, 2020


In drupal textarea field, it was always a pain to see the two links:

  • Text format showing list of available format, even if user is allowed to use one format only
  • And a link of About Text formats

Drupal text format


Drupal 8 provided an easy but hidden way to hide this. Do following steps:

  • Goto your content type
  • Click on Manage Form Display
  • For example, body is the field
  • Click on settings icon button on right hand side of body field
  • A small form will open up

Drupal text format

  • Check on option - Hide the help link About text formats
  • Check on option - Hide text format guidelines
  • Save the content type
  • Clear cache and open the form

See the final form

Drupal text format

Perfect Solution

Note: You did hide the two unwanted options in the form. But, you can still see the drop down of formats. This should be fine for most of the users. But, I did not want this. I did not want to confuse my users.

Install module Allowed Formats Do following steps:

  • Goto your content type
  • Edit the field, example body field
  • In edit form, you will see a section of Allowed Formats

Drupal text format

  • Select your desired format. I selected Full Html
  • Save the form
  • Open your form, and you will see only your text area.

Drupal text format

Hope it helps.

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