Drupal 8 Views - How to merge two fields by hiding another field

April 11, 2020


You have a view with 4-5 fields to display. Suppose, there are two fields: payment amount and currency. Where currency can be INR and USD. I want to show fields in a table, don’t want to show these two fields as separate.

I want to show these two fields as one. Example:

ID   Name   Amount
 1   ABC    10 USD
 2   XYZ    700 INR

I hope you get the above example, otherwise if the two fields will be separate. I will have 4 fields in above table.

Views Settings

Lets see how we can configure our view.

  • Goto your view
  • Goto fields settings
  • Click on the field you dont want to display as a separate field. In my example, currency is the field
  • Check on “Exclude from display”. This will be hidden now
  • Now, Rearrange your fields
  • Move that hidden field at top. (This will allow us to show this field value as token in other field configuration)
  • Goto that field with which you want to append our hidden field. In my example, its Amount
  • Click on Rewrite results
  • Override the output of this field with custom text
  • You can see “Replacement Patterns”
  • You can see your hidden field there
  • Put following (my example):
{% raw %}
{{ amount }} {{ currency }}
{% endraw %}

Drupal merge fields

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