Git shortcuts - Helpful shortcuts for git users

May 30, 2019

Github is an awesome place of storing your code. Now, it also allows you to have private repositories for free. But, only projects in your personal account, not in your organization.

Github web view provides lot of shortcuts which increase your productivity. Here, I will list down only those shortcuts which are very useful:

1. Search Files in Github repository

Make sure you are in Code tab in your repository. There is a shortcut of going there as well. Look below in this post.

Press 't' button

This activates file finder. Now, start typing some name. As you type it will start searching. It will start showing the list of matching files in below area. And, you can select them using up and down arrow keys.

2. Switch to other branch or create new one

Press 'w' button

This will activates the Branches drop down, and you can start typing which branch you want to select. Or, you can create a new branch by typing a new name. Plus, you can also switch to a tag

First goto that file either by browsing, or by searching by pressing ‘t’ button. Now, when you have opened up a file.

Press 'y' button

The URL in browser expands to give you the direct link to this file. Note, you were already to the direct link of that file. But, that link will always to latest file in that branch. This link will give you always this file, which includes the commit id as well.

4. Search anything in repository

Press 's' or '/' button

You will goto search bar on top. Now start typing anything you want to search.

5. Goto Your Notifications

Press 'gn' i.e. first 'g', then 'n'

6. Goto Code tab

Press 'gc', i.e. first 'g' then 'c'

Similarly you can goto other tabs as well:

'gi' for Issues tab
'gp' for Pull requests tab
'gb' for Projects tab
'gw' for Wiki tab

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