Drupal - Using Field Groups for Visually Separating multiple field set (No Coding Required)

April 06, 2020


You are having a form having multiple fields. When you render a form, all the fields renders as a separate field. You want some fields to be shown as a collection of fields visually. As a fieldset.

Field Groups module will help you here.


After installing Field Group module:

  • goto your content type.
  • Manage form display
  • You will see a button on top: Add field group
  • Click on it
  • Select Fieldset. You can chose other options as well, try setting each one of them and see the output.
  • Give a name to it.
  • You can create multiple Field groups as well.
  • Your created Field Group will be shown in Disabled section by default
  • Drag that field in active section
  • Drag the field you want into this Field Group.

See Example:

Drupal Field Group example

Now save the settings. And now see your form. It should look like below:

Drupal Field Group example

See before and after image to realize the benefit of it.

Drupal Field Group example

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