Drupal Code: Fetch Link, Title, Category names, tag names from every article

April 18, 2018

Problem Statement

You have bunch of articles, say 250 or more. You hired a freelancer to do some SEO stuff. You need to share all the article links, title, tag names etc.


First run a db query, and fetch all the node ids (nid). For each nid, load the node, and fetch every information that you want to give to the freelancer. For taxonomy terms, load the term by using taxonomy api, and get their names. Similarly for tags.

See the code below:

function getTerms($category) {
  $terms = array();
  foreach($category as $val) {
    $terms[] = $val['tid'];
  $result = taxonomy_term_load_multiple($terms);
  $ret = array();
  foreach($result as $res) {
    $ret[] = $res->name;  
  return implode('|', $ret);

$query = db_select( 'node', 'n' );
    ->condition( 'n.type', 'article' )
    ->fields('n', array('nid'));
  $result = $query

  foreach( $result as $row ) {
    $nd = node_load($row->nid);
    $tags = getTerms($nd->field_tags['und']);
    $terms = getTerms($nd->field_article_category['und']);
    print 'https://www.yourwebsite/node/'.$nd->nid.','.'"'.$nd->title.'"'.','.$terms.','.$tags."\n";

The output will be 4 columns separated by comma. You can save this information in a csv and share this file.

Sample output:

https://www.yourwebsite/node/9,"Advantages of AUTOCAD: Discovering The Best",Autocad,
https://www.yourwebsite/node/10,"Auto CAD: 3D Software That Suits Any Sense Of Style Along With Many Benefits",Autocad,
https://www.yourwebsite/node/11,"Auto CAD For Designing Great Automobile Stickers",Autocad,
https://www.yourwebsite/node/12,"AUTO CAD Where Dreams Meet Reality",Autocad,Autocad
https://www.yourwebsite/node/14,"Brand New Building Technologies That Are Here To Stay ",Architecture|Exterior,technology
https://www.yourwebsite/node/15,"Design Ideas To Make Your Hotel “A Pleasant Stay”",Design Ideas|Interior Design,Hotel|Design|ideas
https://www.yourwebsite/node/16,"A Comparative Analysis Between Modern, Contemporary and Traditional Furniture",Furniture|Interior Design,Furniture|Modern Furniture|Contemporary Furniture|Traditional Furniture


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